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Greg Gotts
Award-Winning Creative Director

Working from both the agency & client sides, Greg helps to lead marketing teams into “alternate universe” ideation generating “watch-worthy” programming. Greg is also a pioneer in hugely viralB2B stunts & comedy programming; using these effectively to attract, engage, & enlighten your intended audiences. Prior experience: FCB, Ogilvy & Mather, The Second City, Nintendo, Microsoft, Oracle, Veritas, Salesforce.com, HP, EMC & Dell.


  • Creative Director/Corporate Filmmaker for Integrated Broadcast, Multimedia and Design  
  • Leading marketing teams into “Alternate Universe” ideation and creative thinking
  • Pioneer in viral B2B internet marketing (see "Lotus Truck Jump" and many more)
  • Creation of unique “coolness factors” generating positive buzz and building brands;
  • Innovative use of new ideas in media to fully engage international audiences
  • Integration of core messages and concepts into attention-demanding media and design

Greg Gotts
Award-Winning Creative Director
Spicy Thai
Kung Fu Hustle
Porto, Portugal
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