Observe Inc. Launch
goal : 
Launch Company from Stealth

We recently helped create this epic 34 minute digital launch for a great technology startup, Observe, Inc. This features the “Made forTV” style we love: fast-paced with interesting content, live chat, an engaging host, compelling founders, customers, analysts, relevant demos, and clever segues. As a result it retained 97.3% of the live audience, tripled the audience for the archived version, generated excellent PR, analyst and influencer reviews. It also immediately generated 50 high-level meetings.

Jeremy Burton
CEO, Observe Inc.

“The critical thing that the BRIEFWORLD team gets is that six 5 minute shows are better than 1x30 minute or 2x15 minute shows. You can do any segment in just 5 minutes. Their "TV quality production” along with “Professional Host” and “50 ways to present in 5 minutes” are the perfect formula for success.”

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